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The Mandaxon and the Pharaas : Part ii

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

There is a species of water Elf that live in an enormous and very deep lake on

Laniakeea. At its deepest point it is over twelve miles deep, and there are colonies

of these water elves happily living there.

This lake is called Salnalyn Lake and is situated in the very north of Laniakeea

in the district of Baeruu.

This species of water Elf are called the Pharaas, and were rescued from their own

dimension, where at one stage, were persecuted almost to extinction by a warring

Elf species called the Jarsadan, and re-located in Salnalyn Lake (See the map of Laniakeea

in a previous blog) over three million years ago. There are males and females, and their

bodies are covered, literally from head to toe with round silver scales. When these catch

the light in a certain way, they change colour constantly to produce this shimmering

iridescent rainbow of colours.

The males are much larger than the females and very powerfully built. Both wear

eye protectors to stop the eyes drying out, but will take them off when in a meeting for

example. When this happens, it is difficult not to notice that a third eye covering wipes

itself across the eyes every minute or so. The males wear a sort of headress, green in colour

and composed of shells. The females have very long green-coloured hair, that tumbles down

their backs and past their buttocks.

You would notice something strange here as well, the hair is dark green and can

form together very tightly to form a single 'hair-fin', or as they call it, a Kelmenanth.

It comes into its own when swimming, in that it paddles the water, rhythmically,

similar in many ways to a water snake here on Earth.

But the effect is a lot more powerful, imagine the speed our Dolphins can generate,

then you have an idea of how effective the Kelmenanth is. When on land, it is difficult not to

notice that the females Kelmenanth flicks slowly from side to side, similar to a cat's tail, and

every so often, the tip will rest on a shoulder before tumbling down and begin flicking

again They cannot speak, but have developed a very powerful telepathic imaging

system that they can implant into someones head.

These images are very real indeed, which includes sights, sounds, smells and so on.

And in fact may be put to very good use if fighting an enemy, in that they are able to extract the enemies fears, enhance them, then telepathically send them back into their enemies heads.

The Pharaas, have always supported the Elvish Queen of Laniakeea, for rescuing them and are allies when repelling insurgents into their dimension. Many a battle has been won when enemies have been fighting themselves because the Pharaas has implanted images into their heads.

Live long and prosper,


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Toms Recipes
Toms Recipes
Aug 29, 2021

Great blogg I enjoyed reading

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