The time is fast approaching when humans and elves will meet for the first time. How and where will they meet? Has someone or something arranged this meeting? How will the elves deal with the bumbling backward humans? How will  the humans cope with the magic of the elves and of Elvina, the most powerful wand in the cosmos! Mistrust and tension fills the air when Hugo Brough, the English general, and the elf Sorceress, Elfistra, meet in the elvish Queen's   palace for the first time. And so the scene is set for the Wand Chronicles Trilogy:

Book 2: Elfistra the Sorceress
Book 3: Kia the Empath
Book 4: Eternity


All three books of the trilogy, Elfistra the Sorceress, Kia the Empath and Eternity have been written. They will all be published at the same time on the 1st of April, 2020. Make sure you sign up to receive your FREE eBook or Paperback of The Prequel. In addition, a limited-edition Wand Chronicles pen will be sent to the first 100 who sign up

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Book 2
Book viral

Michael has created a compelling
magical epic fantasy novel…

Book 3

 I rarely say this but I would trade my life for this book...

blue reviews
Book 4

This book has strong plots and characters. It’s simply superb...

D. Brent

It was a clairvoyant that suggested to Michael that he must
write, so he did. First a comedy called ‘Memoirs of the S.B.C’,
a true-life story called ‘Just Five More Minutes’ that resulted
in nationwide acclaim and recently won the Independent
Audiobook Awards in the USA. (which he also narrated)
Then, an epic fantasy trilogy, The Wand Chronicles.
He is currently writing a series of interactive children’s
books called ‘Arnie & Mia’ with his illustrator, Magdalena
Adic. (for ages 4 to 6). All books may be found on Amazon.
Also a scriptwriter, he has started writing the film screenplay
for The Wand Chronicles.

Michael Ross

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