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Michael Ross - The man, the myth, the author

Being an Actor has helped form the chatacters in his Wand Chronicles Trilogy

Writer, actor, model, visionary. While all of these words describe accomplished author Michael Ross, there is so much more to him than a few skillfully chosen words. Talent like his is only seen on film and, coincidentally enough, that is also where you can find Michael, as the theatre was just one of his great callings for more than 25 years.

Michael has held many unforgettable theatre roles at theatres across the North West, before delving into television where he portrayed a teacher in Coronation Street, a detective in Brookside and a Lawyer in Emmerdale, all popular hit soaps. His credit reel also includes a successful career in commercial television and as a gifted Presenter.

Film Career

Not satisfied with the lack of a real challenge these roles offered, Michael then moved over to film where he played a Lord in the first Sherlock film starring Robert Downey Jr.

Michael has many more feature films to his credit including an independent film about a famous French mathematician, called Evariste Galois, which won its category at the Cannes Film festival one year. He also played a leading role in a modern sci fi film called The Sleeper Effect as well as a leading role in the film, The Turing Enigma.

We are not sure if we can even mention this last one as the film has not been released yet, but Michael also portrayed a Jedi Knight in the lead role in a prequel film to Star Wars titled Prisoner 66.

Other Accomplishments

Shortly after his acting career, Michael decided to focus his attention on his fitness passion, and developed KETTFusion, which is an award winning UK-based fitness brand which is also established in three other European countries and has twice been runner-up in the National Community Fitness awards.

Michael’s brief foray into politics (sort of) saw him as a very passable Tony Blair look-a-like where he portrayed Mr. Blair both here in the UK and in the US opening supermarkets, kissing babies and more.

On a more personal note, Michael was also a UFO investigator for three years and a Hang Glider pilot as well. While his past career and life are very fascinating, it is what the future holds for the charismatic Michael that has his many fans excited.

The Future

What does the future hold for Michael? Never one to sit on his hands, so to speak, Michael has already published,via Amazon, a comedy, ‘Memoirs from the S.B.C.’ and a true-life story, 'Just Five More Minutes’, which has become a best seller.

He is already busy completing The Wand Chronicles trilogy and has created a board game, the only one in the world in the urban fantasy genre, that follows his trilogy.

On completion, Michael plans to release a series of children’s books, aimed at 6 to 8-year-old’s, with the first story already decided upon.

As an actor, Michael beguiled viewers and as an author, he plans to take his readers into another realm and blur the lines of reality with his urban fantastical Wand Chronicles trilogy.

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Eubha Jameson
Eubha Jameson
03 ส.ค. 2564

Very impressive Michael .


Eubha Jameson
Eubha Jameson
03 ส.ค. 2564

wow Michael you certainly dont let the grass grow under your feet . Very impressive .

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