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Michael Ross. The Big Fairy Adventures,
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Michael Ross True Life Just Five More mi

A short story (7,000words) to whet the mystical and magical minds of children.

We have a large human man called Bear, who wanders into the middle of a mystical forest and meets a white witch.

They fall in love and give birth to a special girl with dragonfly wings. However a horrible cult of humans try to capture her for her magic - will they succeed?

This was a book I wanted to write to inspire children during lockdown due to Covid. 

I invited children from a local school to draw a fairy and name it.

I honestly thought I may get 10 fairies at most. 

72 fairies in total were sent to me!

So then on every other page I wrote an original fairy story.

This book 1 of the series has been the most satisfying book I have ever written.

Even before I had finished book 1, fairies were flying in to me from around the world!

Some new original fairy stories have also been included, and yet, the imagination and creativity of fairies that children have drawn, coloured and designed, is truly amazing!

Fairies continue to fly into me from all around the world. The belief in fairies is certainly universal, and not just for children. Here we have book 4, again full of awesome fairies drawn by so many children. I have also included my short fairy story, The Girl with the Dragonfly Wings.

Book 1 of the Big Fairy Adventures.

There are Orcs, humans, huge spiders, and of course lots of fairies.

This is the low down for the whole of the series

This is also a 'FREE'book.

Simply email me at thewandchronicles@gmail.com and I will send you the eBook download or email your address and I will send you this book to wherever you live!

Book 2 of the Big Fairy Adventures.

We meet Queen Fairsomeni, Tinker Tanker, Ding Ling, Chard Bhum the Orc, and lots of other colorful characters.

We also learn about the most powerful wand going, The Golden Quandrill

Book 3 of the Big fairy Adventures.

A beautiful fairy has been converted into a fairy witch by dark forces. We follow the nail-biting adventure as good battles with evil to release the fairy from the clutches of the dark forces. But will they succeed? Time is running out.

An award-winning true-life story. Winner of the Independent Audiobook Awards, 5-star rating by 'Readers Favorites' and finalist in the 2020 SABA book awards in two categories, 'Author-Non-fiction' and 'Audiobook narrator'

What would you do if one morning your wife was attacked and murdered, leaving you with a 4 and  6-year-old boys? How do you begin to put your life back together again?


An adventure for primary school/middle graders.

We follow the arrival from the moon of a magic box, containing an alien called 'Pangy'.

Follow them as they try to help Pangy and keep him away from the army.


This is the exciting sequel to 'The Moon and the Magic Box.'

We meet up with Pangy, Troy, Desmee and Nesbit, as they rescue alien children from the horrible Stinkoes.

The army are back as well! Will Troy hold them all at bay?

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Michael Ross. Is My World Happy? book co
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Complete with some pretty scary stories.

Each one is completely different.

Imagine a serial killer dentist drilling through your teeth - with no anesthetic!

You may have to sleep with the light on!

It is so important to help young children know what a face mask is, what it is used for and how it can help us.

There are even tasks inside for children and parents/educators

Book 1 from the 'Arnie & Mia series.

Is My World Happy? is for 3 to 6 year-olds.

We go on a journey around the world see what mankind has done with our planet!

There are also interactive tasks to complete.

Book 2 from the Arnie & Mia series.

Poor Santa, he calls in to see Arnie & Mia at Christmas time and Santa loses his sleigh?

Arnie & Mia help him to find it.

Book 3 in the Arnie & Mia series.

This is a bilingual English/Croatian book for pre-school children and up to 6 years of age.

It is ranked as a best seller on Amazon!

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Poor Chrukey the Owl.

She wants to be beautiful and tries all sorts of things to make herself more attractive.

But her friends convince her that beauty is within, and all her friends love her to bits.