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The very first, ever, epic fantasy board game
that will accompany the wand chronicles.
The characters will be in it!
The good, the bad and the ugly.
Spells will abound
But it needs to be super dooper,we've worked
hard on its development
would you like to see the very first mock-up
And then it's development to prototype 1 ?
Then follow the story and scroll down.
You won't recognize it.
This is what I am looking for:

it has fun to play.
You don't have to be a rocket scientist
to understand the rules.
For 2 to 4 people
From age 10 to adult
two games in one
and finally..
You can still end up friends
even though you were caught cheating!

Warning: Any cheaters will be zapped to another dimension never to return.
You have been warned!

At the very beginning, I made two ugly mock up of our ideas.

I knew I wanted to have two games in one.

For Game 1, there would be one winner, who would gain points and collect Elvina the Wand. The most powerful wand in the cosmos.


The game could finish there, but if all the players had more time, the board would be flipped over and play continued on with Game 2.

And so here we have my 1st of many mock up's for Game board 1

Mock up game 2.jpg

And here is the even more ugly 1st mock-up of Game board 2.

We are now in the volcanic dimension known as Pyramordial.

If you landed on a red square you would attract negative points, and a blue square, positive points.

Everyone has to finish as a team.

The evil Morg Spear'Nd, lives on an island in the middle of a lava pool in the middle of the  volcano.

Using Elvina the Wand, and uttering the magic words

VALADAN NANDAN, Morg Spear'Nd is destroyed

All the points are then subtracted and added up,  to discover the overall winner


Now, we have the ultra talented Magdalena Adić who has been working on a professional graphic version of the boards.

Here we have the final draft (of many drafts) of game board 1 from Magdalena.

Wow! Love it already. Trouble is, when you are working with a creative perfectionist, you just know the final results are going to be, literally, 'out of this world'.

Magdalena is also the brains behind the amazing book covers and majority of the character images that will be in these books, and also worked on the cover for my true life story 'Just Five More Minutes'.


Here we have the final draft for Game 2.

We find ourselves in the hot volcanic dimension of Pyramordial, in search of the evil Morg Spear'Nd.

Golden lightning bolts carry us up, purple dragon tongues carry us down.

And if you think that is bad enough, if you land on a blue square, you collect plus points. If you land on a red square, you collect negative points.

Everyone has to finish, and use Elvina to destroy Morg Spear'Nd, and then all points are added up or subtracted to reveal the overall winner.

Game 1 lasts 3/4 to 1 hour

Game 2 lasts 3/4 to 1hour

Playing age is 10 to adult and the game is for 2 to 4 players


Prototype No. 1

It's been tested many times, and blind tested as well.

(where we give players the game and the rules and leave them to it)

I have received nothing but  amazing reviews.

I will continue to fine tune it, making slight adjustments to the rules, so it becomes

even more challenging but fun to play.

So where do I go now?

The UK Games Expo, 2019 at the beginning of June 2019.

I will find a reputable game board developer to take it on board

(excuse the pun) and produce it .

What I have found very satisfying, is having people play it who have read the book,

and receiving their feedback :

'Love it! The characters from the book suddenly come to life in the game!' -M.Smith

'Couldn't wait to play with the character Ding Ling, and I won! So excited' - F. Simmonds

'The twists and turns in the game were nail biting, twice I thought I had won,

and was caught at the last minute. Such fun though.' - J. Stannage


None of this would have been possible without my partner in this venture.

Magdalena Adić

Her professionalism, creativeness and artistry is phenomenal.

Thank you Maggy!

T.W.C. Board Game.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 19.31.37 copy.
The Sell Sheet

For me to find a manufacturer, I have to prepare a 'sell sheet' to present to them,

and this is it

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