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Important Elements You Will Find In All Epic Fantasy Novels

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

As a relatively new sub-genre in the Fantasy Fiction world, Epic Fantasy combines the best of fantasy with modern/futuristic worlds that readers can relate to. With urban fantasy becoming one of the fastest growing genres in the fantasy literary world, you can even find an urban fantasy title or two on the New York Times bestseller list. For current fans, especially those of Elvin culture, this is no surprise. And for anyone new to the Epic Fantasy sub-genre, there are some important elements they will find in every urban fantasy novel they pick up which will turn them into instant fans. Let’s take a look at them now:

4 Important Elements That Make Epic Fantasy Novels Such Incredible Reads

First-Person Point Of View- the point of view of any story is what makes it interesting and what can engage with the reader. In urban fantasy, the first-person point of view is a popular choice among authors and it can help bring out the character driven story and take the adventure to new heights.

The Fantasy- to be a successful urban fantasy novel, there has to be some sort of magic. The epic fantasy sub-genre goes beyond zombies, vampires and traditional monsters and uses a much more mystical creature to fill out the story. You will typically find elves, fairies and other magical creatures being placed into everyday situations. When done right, this is where much of the success of this sub-genre has come from.

Mise En Scene- what epic fantasy novel would be complete without the , in this case, the juxtaposition of the Earthan and the Elvish setting. Epic fantasy creates a setting in which an overly populated fantasy metropolis is the backdrop. With futuristic aspects used to create a modern world, the writer can pull the reader in and make the reading adventure much more immersive. In The Wand Chronicles saga, Michael takes us beyond the Earthan dimension on an adventure through the cosmos where space and time become inconsequential and to the Elvish dimension of Laniakeea.

The Unknown- every good tale has to have an element of mystery to it. For some authors, it can be a struggle to keep this aspect of their adventure fresh, especially when creating a trilogy. But for others, it can almost feel like second nature and the reader can pick up on this from one book to the next.

Book 1: Elfistra The Sorceress is Now Available

One of the most talked about and anticipated novels in the epic fantasy sub-genre is the latest entry into The Wand Chronicles saga, Elfistra the Sorceress. Michael Ross takes us deep into the Elvin realm of Laniakeea via a portal that has appeared in North West England in the year 2087.

Book 2: Kia the Empath. Coming very soon!

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1 Comment

Purav Jha
Purav Jha
Feb 03

An element of mystery is necessary for any good story. Particularly when writing a trilogy, it can be difficult for some writers to maintain the excitement of this part of their journey. Readers can discern this from book to book, though, as it can seem effortless for some.

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