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The Mandaxon and the Phaaras. Part I

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

There is trouble in the air in the Elvish dimension of Laniakeea. There is a dark

species of Elf called the Mandaxon. They are a very tall species, in excess of seven feet tall,

and completely covered in blue/black cloth. The cloth is straggly, not neat, so the outline of the Mandaxon is broken up, so they become harder to spot. They prefer to attack at dusk or night. Even each of their long fingers are wrapped up. The only part of the body visible are the ears, (very long Elvish ears, with black pearls and gems incorporated along the leading edge) slits

for the eyes and mouth. Their head is also completely covered, but on the top and encircling

the head is an intricate helmet, composed of gems and small feathers. They are led by a

renegade Laniakeean called Rand Raneth.

Rand Raneth looks completely out of place when he is with the Mandaxon, simply because he is only three foot two inches tall, but very broad in the shoulders. The Mandaxon incessantly attack Laniakeea, via one of the inter-dimensional portals. Their aim? To capture

the wand , Elvina.

So far, due to the guile of Queen Haruntha and her generals, they have been defeated and pushed back. But it is their method of attack that the Laniakeean's have to be very careful with. The Mandaxon are known as 'The Black Arrows' because their bows and arrows are jet black. They drag their arrowheads along the backs of a rodent from their dimension called the Krass. These secrete a poison. If an arrow punctures the skin of their enemy, immediately small black boils start to erupt all over the victims body.

But it doesn't stop there!

These boils grow in size to resemble black eggs, and at the slightest touch, the boil

peels back and minute grey spores are catapulted into the air. These spores are the most dangerous stage of the infection. If one were to breathe them in, respiratory problems would ensue, black tears run from the tear ducts, the irises changes to black, they very quickly lose all their motor neurone capabilities, they soon become comatose, losing the ability to breathe, and sadly die very quickly. Very quickly a black fungal mycelium of minute hairs covers the body.

Previous post mortems reveal that the whole of the lungs become feathery and disintegrate into dust at the slightest touch.

Once someone is infected, there is generally no hope. The one and only hope is the intervention of the wand Elvina, but even then, there is a three hour window, possibly four, where Elvina can save the being.

In part two, I will reveal the Phaaras, a species of water Elf, that is an important ally to the Laniakeean's, in their battles with the 'Black Arrows', the Mandaxon.

Basically in two parts. The carved wood, from the Soal Tree that colonised the Laniakeean dimension over six million years ago, and incorporated into the top, the 'spark', the spiritual being that then converts the Wand into a living sentient being.
The wand , Elvina, before incorporating spiritually into the host

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