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The Good, The Bad and the Very Ugly : PartII

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

We have described a Human. Not a nice character do you agree? So what

about on Laniakeea?

I know I have mentioned it before, but I want to remind you, if I may, of the

vast scale of Laniakeea compared to the Earth dimension.

As an example, take a large map of the Earth, spread it out on a table. Let's

just say the map is four foot by four foot. That's a big map, right?

Now, get a biro, and find wherever it is in the world that you live, and just

put a period or full stop mark on that place. So there we have it. That little period

mark, is the Earth flattened out.

Do you get the impression of the scale now? Now you know why Laniakeea,

when translated into English, is known as 'The Immeasurable Dimension'

So here on our little speck of a dimension, we have such a wonderful diversity

of wild animals, domestic animals, fish, insects and so on, never mind the different

geographical regions of our world, with seas, lakes , mountains, deserts, and so on.

Just try to imagine what we could find on Laniakeea? We have to remember,

in the North West of Laniakeea, beyond the Windfell Mountains, there are a number

of portals, that provides access to many other even more diverse dimensions, some very

strange indeed. Why there are numerous portals, and why they are there at all, will

be explained in detail in my books.

Oh hang on! You need a map of Laniakeea don't you? Then we all know what

we are talking about :

Ok. Find the district of Denetrine ( It's in the east of Laniakeea) See the little

circle above the 'i' of Denetrine, that is the scale of Earth compared to Laniakeea.

Alright, lets me introduce you to an Elvish character. He or it (we are not

too sure at the moment) is called Mandaz. There is also a very important character on

Laniakeea. She is the sorceress, Elfistra, covered in grey scales with scarlet colour oozing

out between each of the scales. She is the advisor to the Elvish Queen of Laniakeea, Queen Haruntha.

Mandaz and Elfistra are linked. They both have the ability to re-incarnate. Mandaz

is Elfistra's aide.

Lets just say you are about to be introduced to Elfistra and Mandaz. The very first

thing you will notice, before you even see them, is the stench of rotting meat carcasses. It

will stimulate your gag reflex. The smell is a 'wet' smell, that will cling to your

nostrils. Mandaz himself is a deformed character. His skin is similar in texture to that of

an Elephant. He is quite quite podgy, and his skin the colour of mustard. What were once

legs have withered away to produce two useless long stubs, but on the end of each, ungainly large feet, on which the nails have grown inordinately long and are curling around upon themselves.

His overall shape would resemble a garden slug, but on his left shoulder is a large

hump, and the surface is covered with a myriad of pustules, that are constantly erupting, so

that a thick viscous liquid, green/yellow in colour is dripping down and falling to the floor.

This also has an odour reminiscent of gangrene. He has two eyes, although one is small and

now in his cheek area, the other eye is quite large.

From his torso comes two stick like arms, but again, very large ungainly hands. In which he holds a very ornate staff. It is called a Tazareth. He uses this staff to help him move along. It also has other great powers that will be revealed as the adventures open up

It's magical, so sparks fly around when he jabs the end in the ground, but it will

move him forward in large leaps when necessary.

Finally, he has a very long forked tongue, which can be used to attack someone, or

as a tool of affection. It is extremely tactile, and sticky. He can, like the snakes on Earth, use

his tongue to 'smell' out anyone in the vicinity. This is very useful since his eyesight is not particularly good.

Very shortly, I will have an image for you.

Thank you.

Live long and prosper,


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