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Now THIS is a wand!

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

There is a parallel dimension to our Earth. It is called Laniakeea.

From the Elvish dialect, called Forlasath, it roughly translates as

'the immeasurable dimension'. And indeed it is. If we were to flatten out

the Earth, it would appear as a mere dot on the expanse that is Laniakeea.

It is diverse as it is immeasurable. In the North North West of

Laniakeea, there is a district called Gareen. Dotted all over Gareen are

twenty four portals, connecting Lanniakeea with other dimensions, which

contain all manner of humanoids, animals, flora and fauna.

The Humanoids come in a variety of shapes sizes and temperaments.

Some are peaceful, some are most certainly not. These portals cannot be

closed or shut down, they are the basis behind the workings of the cosmos.

Much to the annoyance of Queen Haruntha and her subjects on Laniakeea.

It doesn't matter what species you are, or in which dimension you live,

there will always be one or two that are hell bent on causing death,

destruction and disharmony.

But you see, Laniakeea is very special. The sentient plant-like being,

the Sola tree, decided to root in Laniakeea over seven million years ago, three

and a half million years before the Sola tree decided to seed in, what is known

as the Earthan dimension. A time when Humans were only just beginning to

walk upright as Apes.

There had to be an instrument of magic that could control these warring

factions pouring in through the portals in Laniakeea. And so the Sola tree

constructed the wand known as Elvina. Lets make this quite clear, this is no

make-believe 'Harry Potter' type wand, Elvina has the power to construct or

deconstruct dimensions, and in the right circumstances bring life or death to a

situation. It can alter the fabric of time itself. The Laniakeean Queen has appealed

to Elvina many times, to close the portals on Laniakeea, but Elvina will not.

There has to be a balance between good and evil, of life and death, and this is the

main purpose of the portals connecting other dimensions.

The handle or stock is carved from the Sola tree herself, the orb on the top is an instrument of power, inside of which is the very heart of the Sola tree. The spark. The spiritual connection between all things living or dead , in the future and the passed, since the time of nothingness. Ahhh, we are so very young on the evolutionary scale as Humans, we cannot even begin to contemplate 'nothingness'. What it was, what was before it and so on. So, until we find out the true purpose of the Sola tree, we can only surmise.

Elvina is kept in a special wooden box, called the Spiriten, also fashioned

from the dead wood of the Sola tree, and this box is covered in Elvish incantation

markings, rare gems and metals. It affords Elvina some protection when at rest.

So now we know the briefest of history behind Laniakeea, the Sola tree and

Elvina. That is only half the story. In times of need, it is simply not a case of picking

up Elvina , pointing it at whatever, and shouting out incantations. The wand becomes

a part of the being, usually an Elf, holding it, but not just anyone, there had to be an inbuilt

safety guard if you like, that would prevent the wand falling in the wrong hands,

Unfortunately this safety guard could be by-passed.

In an instant, less than a fraction of a second, Elvina can assess the hand and

body holding her. It looks at the DNA, the history, the thoughts and motives and

how true the heart is. If not suitable, that being is simply destroyed there and then.

Let me briefly explain what happens when Elvina is picked up by the right

Humanoid. There is an explosion of light, that gives way to electric blue tentacles

that emanate from the base of Elvina and start to wrap their way around first one arm,

then the top body and other arm, then down to envelop the rest of the body. The

heart of the Sola tree, contained in the orb on top of the wand transfers into the brain

of the being holding Elvina, so that in effect, the whole being is now the wand.

A most powerful instrument. The Humanoid still has free choice, but will be guided

by Elvina

This is an image of the powerful sorceress, Elfistra, a scaly very old spiritual being, who has the ability to re-incarnate.

This is the ultimate stage of melding with Elvina the wand.

The Elfistra has only been called upon a handful of times to execute the powers of Elvina.

The last known use was during the War of the Black Arrows, over one million Earth years ago, which almost decimated the Laniakeean dimension. The perpetrators were chased off and defeated but swore they would be back. But Queen Haruntha has recently found out, after consultations with Elvina, there was always an opposite Sola tree, called the Salaas tree.

Whereas the sola tree is white and gold, whose goals were always peaceful and honourable, the Salaas tree is very dark and moody. The opposite in every way. These are worrying times for Queen Haruntha, to have always known there is a force at your beck and call that is superior to all others, and now to find out that there is an identical black force or comparable power can only spell trouble, not just for Laniakeea, but all dimensions that support life.

Thank you, Live long and Prosper


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