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Freebies? What Freebies?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

I know, I know, lots of you have been in touch, wanting some more information of the freebies I am offering, what you have to do to be eligible and so on.

So on the build up to publication day for 'Elfistra the Sorceress' I am going to spell it out for you. (excuse the pun)

Remember, publication date is Tuesday the 19th of March on Amazon

There will be 2 distinct elements to all this.

One is where you will have to purchase a paperback or a Kindle e Book version, and the other will be the pure 'freebie' version.

First of all let me confirm again the items that are up for grabs for version 1, which is where you will have to purchase the book or kindle.

1.  Magic Elfistra cushion

2.  Character breakdown for Elfistra written by myself on parchment paper

3.  The Elfistra Moon

4.  A Wand Chronicles mug

5.  Drinks coasters

6.  A choice of T shirt as shown on the merchandising page of my website

To enter this version, simply take a very clear selfie of yourself, holding closely to you and included clearly in the selfie, either the paperback , or if it's the Kindle version, have it opened on page 250, so we can clearly see it on the selfie.

Email your selfies to me at

The items up for grabs for the pure FREEBIE version are 10 x Paperbacks, all individually signed by me.

All you have to do for this, is email me with a selfie of yourself.

Again send them to

For both versions, you have exactly 2 weeks to get your selfies to me.

The first draw on Tuesday the 2nd of April, was amazing!

We were inundated!.

Thank you to all of you for entering.

But listen, there were so many entries, we are running another draw which will take place on TUESDAY THE 16th OF APRIL, so please get your entries in.

Well, it just remains for me to say, Good Luck Everyone!

Michael Ross

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