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How Exciting Is That?

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

I have now finished the first book of the trilogy, The Wand Chronicles.

The working title of 'Book One' has now been set in stone as 'Elfistra the


A friend asked me how the book was going. I was about to start the

final chapter, which is called 'The Decision', and without realising what I was

saying, I told her, " It is so exciting, I can't wait to compose it."

"Why?" she asked.

And I said, "Because I know what's going to happen."

( This is where you can laugh, snigger or cry)

Together with my illustrator, Magdalena Adic, we are going to add a

splash of colour to the beginning of each chapter, and on each reverse facing

page an Illustration of the characters that you will see and read about.

Also at the start of each chapter, the Prologue and the Epilogue I wanted

a quote, not just any old quote, but an original quote, a quote that I have come

up with that encompasses life both on the Earthan dimension, but mainly from

the Elvish Laniakeean perspective.

Funnily enough, I know so much about Laniakeea, it's Elves, their

aspirations, way of life, likes and dislikes, and even their humour (Yes, Laniakeean

Elves have a sense of humour,) 'Humour not as we know it Jim', but humour


I wanted the quote to be in Elvish, and the English translation underneath,

but I didn't want 'high' Elvish, as in 'Lord of the Rings' , it would have to be in the

Laniakeen Elvish dialect. ( see image of an example)

In any case, coming up with quotes for each chapter (21) the Prologue

and Epilogue, is no mean feat, but I have done it.

What do you know about Empaths? Well, maybe you know quite a bit,

but I guarantee, it will be about Human Empaths, right? Well, an Elvish Empath

has significantly more powerful and magical powers than any Human, particularly

a Laniakeean Empath. She is also an Empath very close to our hearts.

I can't wait to get started on book two which will be titled, 'Kia the Empath'.

So whats happening with book one at the moment?

November the 11th, 2018, it all goes off to a brilliant professional Editor called

Drew Rose. She could have it as long as a month, I mean , it is now 107,000 words!

I will have my work cut out getting the word out everywhere. This is where

you could all graciously help. Reading groups, Kickstarter, nearly all social media

platforms, including live Facebook broadcasts.

It is all exciting stuff, but you know, although I have written two previous

books of completely different genres, and they have been successful, this is a

massive project to me.

And although I have always maintained that I am writing this trilogy for

me, I do hope everybody else will like it as well. I will have to just wait and see.

All going well, hope it will be published mid January, 2019...fingers


Live long and prosper everyone,


High energy opening between dimensions
The portal between Earth and the Elvish dimension of Laniakeea. Named 'The Slice' by General Hugo Brough

An example of a quote, in the Laniakeean dialect of Elvish, followed by its translation into English, or its close approximation
Original quotes copyrighted to the Author, Michael Ross

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