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The Sola Continuum

More and more of you are asking, what is the Sola tree? or The Sola Continuum?

How is it a part of the Elvish dimension of Laniakeea, and of course, our own dimension as well.

Ok, let me put it all into perspective for you. Whilst we are all involved in our own little lives here in the Earthan dimension, day in , day out, we are governed by the laws of mechanics, gravity, time, spiritualism etc. Everything is very rigid and everything has rules. Rules that cannot be broken.

So what happened in the very beginning? The big bang? Did God create the Heaven and the Earth? And what came before that? Nothingness? Really? Oh, come on!

Listen to me, I'm a man that knows, that has tripped the light fantastic. We are always searching for the truth, be you Human, Elvish, Lazanath, the Humaas etc. Just because you read a story, and it doesn't comply with the Earthan rules (see above) it is immediately dismissed as make-believe, fantasy etc.

You want the truth, and nothing but the truth? Are you ready for it? You will have to open your mind, take away it's inbred evolved restrictions? Here goes:

There are more dimensions, existing in the same timeframe as ourselves and at different levels than you could ever imagine. Think of the largest number you could think of? Nope. Nowhere even close. You will never come anywhere near, because your brain isn't evolved enough to comprehend the magnitude of the numbers we are talking about.

Now don't get upset, we are incredibly young as a sentient species. We have only been around for what? 3,500,000 years. That is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Even the

Laniakeeans, have only been around 6,400,000 years. The Humaas 12,700,000 years. Childs play, because if we could comprehend going back to a time when the Sola Tree's were formed, we couldn't even begin to comprehend the scale of the number of years involved.

Oh I could write the number down for you, I would certainly have to use mathematical abbreviations for quadrillions, but even then, it would take a fair number of years to complete.

Ok, so the important thing is, The Sola Trees, as living sentient beings, are pretty well evolved, take my word for it. They are explorers. And when they explore and find an uninhabited dimension, they seed it. Not necessarily so that it is full of Sola trees, but experimental species, like ourselves for example. Of course, there are times when dormant Sola trees are left to thrive and grow in a dimension, as happened here in the Earthan dimension, and pretty prolific they are too. When our dimension was discovered, the first Sola tree was seeded into the continent of India. You don't have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself, search 'The Sola Tree, India'.

So now, what is the Sola Continuum.? This is a collection of six of the wisest Sola trees in existence. They oversee the workings of all the dimensions they have seeded. Each dimension will have a principle Sola tree in situ, helping to maintain a balance of good and evil. Each tree is a magnificent tree. The trunk composed of millions of thin white tubes, which shoot upwards to then form branches, on which are very large purple fleshy leaves. It is within these leaves that there exists the culminated knowledge of every Sola tree that has been in existence. Each tree will have a magical spiritual compassionate wand. The wand is very much a part of the Sola tree, and the two can't exist without each other.

Take Laniakeea, Elvina the Wand resides normally within the trunk of the Sola tree. There are some dimensions that don't necessarily have an active Sola tree and wand, like for example the Earthan dimension. Earth is very much a chosen dimension that cultivates Sola trees that are, as mentioned previously, very much alive, but in their dormant state.

Now the Sola Tree on Laniakeea is very wise, and is in fact, a member of the Sola Continuum. As you approach it, some of it's attributes are covered with what you would recognise as ordinary tree-like coverings, but the moment you step into the opening in the base, the dimensions within are vast. In the case of the Sola tree on Laniakeea, if you enter, you immediately step into a complicated maze composed of living, warm-to-the-touch root systems, which then leads to a complicated system of tunnels, unusual rivers, and in the centre of the tree, is a special place where Elvina the wand is kept in a protective box, called the Spiriten.

Here the wand resides, protected and nurtured by the Sola tree until such a time as it is needed.

If you are lucky, and live in the country, and you take yourself off for a walk, take a little time to look closely at some of the much larger established trees, feel the energy of the trees if you walk in a forest, content in the knowledge that these dormant Sola trees, will one day be traveling, and exploring countless more dimensions to seed.

Finally, if you put your arms around a tree, you will feel its energy, feel its wisdom, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

Live long and prosper,


The Laniakeean Sola Tree, which holds and protects Elvina the wand
The Sola Tree

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