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It's Full Steam ahead.....

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

So now 'Elfistra the Sorceress', Book 1: of The Wand Chronicles, has been done and dusted.

Official publication date is the 19th of March 2019,

Although I can't set up the paperback for pre-orders, I can with the Kindle eBook, and that is

available now!

There is one last thing with Book 1 - It will be also made into an Audio book. Since I was

an Actor for over thirty years, I will be narrating it. I am probably more aware of all the characters and their nuances than anyone else.

I narrated my last book, a true life story called 'Just Five More Minutes', so have been

through the process. It will be great back recording with Andrew Phillips of Distinct Recording based in Manchester, UK.

There will be dramatic content, high's and low's, and a portrayal of some of the many emotions that abound. It will be a challenge. I mean, human emotions are not really a

problem, but an Elf's?

I have also decided to stay away from 'over-the-top' accents, but I feel I should have some change of voice for Alana Yana-Ash (the heroine) and Elfistra (the Sorceress)

I have thought long and hard on what sort of mild accent Allana should have. She is a cultured Elf and an expert on the languages spoken in our dimension, and indeed teaches

them in the great halls of learning on Laniakeea.

I wouldn't suppose her accent would be strong, even so, the big question here is, what sort of accent?

Now this is where you Guys come in. Get involved and please tell me what you imagine a

female Elf's accent could sound like?

In my mind, I have been playing with a slight Swedish accent?

But look, I really would like to hear what you would suggest?

And if it works, we will mention your contribution in flashing lights and whistling bells on the Audiobook PLUS a choice of merchandising gift, PLUS a prsonally signed copy of my book.

You can email me at or via my FaceBook page:

Thank you for joining up, either new or old. And as the countdown begins to the publication date, I will be running some more simple competitions to win various bits of the Wand Chronicles


Kicking it all off with the chance of winning a black T shirt, with a choice of two designs on it (see photos at the bottom of this blog) Either Elfistra the Sorceress or our Logo,in small, medium, large and xtra large.

So what do you have to do to win?


I have two questions for you. So you need to read some of the previous blogs to find the answer.

If you are reading this somewhere other than on my website where my blogs are situated -

two things to note:

Go to and to be eligible to enter the competition you HAVE to join up as a member -costs nothing at all to do this, then follow these competition directions.

1. Find the blog that refers to and shows the map of Laniakeea.

Now, we know that Laniakeea is huge, but you will find somewhere

in that blog that I refer to one of the districts within Laniakeea having

a little circle in it's name, that would represent the size of the Earth if it

was placed on the map of Laniakeea.

What is the name of that Laniakeean district?

2. I'm feeling generous, so I am giving you a clue for this one. Search out the

Blog that refers to the Sola Continuum. Then answer this question.

What is the name of the wooden box that holds and protects the wand,


Competition closes on Thursday 27th December.

So the lucky winner will get a printed T Shirt of their choice at the

beginning of the New Year.

Good Luck!

There will be more competitions to win a range of items to do with the

Wand Chronicles. Key fobs, Mugs, and some other one-off's which are originals,

and in some cases there is literally only one!

There will be another blog before Christmas - till the next one, live long and prosper!


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