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Human being's in 3,500,000 years

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Time for you to get creative. Close your eyes and imagine where we would be

in another 3,500,000 years? Hugo, Ding Ling and Allana visit a dimension that can

re-create anything. It has to be real, either from the past or way into the future.

They find themselves coming across a species called the Humaas. Their DNA

signature was created in exactly the same form as ours, but they were seeded into an

entirely different dimension. Not just that, but were seeded 3,500,000 years before we

were seeded into the Earthan dimension.

The early years of their evolutionary journey was almost identical to where we

are now. For the Humaas, their are no wars, no famine. They are partly android, but

have a biological beating heart and a brain. Their brain is much larger than ours, and at

any one time, they can access and use 100% of the cerebral cortex. This opens up so much

more, from telepathy to telekinesis and so on. Every single Humaas is in contact with one


They have changed shape as well, taller, almost eight foot, quite spindly and the

body is very streamlined and smooth, and no hair whatsoever. They still have arms,

hands, legs, feet, torso, neck and head, but the general impression is one of something that is slightly robotic. They have a small chip of sorts in their brain, which monitors their body.

At the slightest sign of a malfunction, or of any if the biological organs failing, the

first the Humaas know about it is a visit from a specialised medico/engineering team that

will replace the failing organ or part. Life expectancy is almost a million years.

No more wars, no having to eat ( They have a specialised electrical conduit system

they can plug into, but only for a short period of time every 24 hours) so have eliminated the need to sleep.

So what do they do? They are explorers, they explore by conventional means, which

means space ships that are small and sleek, and that uses the magnetic variations in the

universe to move great distances in a very short time, but they can quite easily, through meditation, go out of body, so their spiritual essence is free to explore. In this form, there are no limitations on where or how far, and time as we know it, does not exist.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, my first book, Elfistra the Sorceress, explores the differences in detail, and the information will blow you mind away.

However, as mentioned earlier, the construction of the Humaas's dimension very

closely resembles ours, with some notable exceptions. As on Laniakeea, where some of the

planets come to within almost touching distance, so on the Humaas's dimension of Traeloth, this particular planet

comes down and rests on an extensive mountain range, It consists of hues of yellow and gold, and once every approximately five Earthan weeks,

the planet rests on the mountains and from it comes a river of what look likes liquid gold. It runs

off the moon and into the land beneath.

It is in fact spiritual energy and powers the dimension, and it is this energy each

and every Humaas can tap into when required.

his a part of, will not destroy itself. given a tour of Traeloth by one of the Humaas, and particularly for Hugo, it was an exciting sojourn, to know, all going well, the Human race, that

he is a part of, will not destroy itself.

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