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Hero or heroine?

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

So I am in a quandry here, and I would like your help?

As with every good book, whether it be drama, detective, a novel, non-fiction, and in this case, a Sci-Fi adventure, there will be a hero. Right?

Yes, of course. But what sort of hero do I want? What sort of hero do you want?.I don't mean a goody or a baddy, I mean, a man or a woman?. Straight into the nitty gritty I am going.

I feel I am going to be controversial? Sure. It's a little like being a politician, I'm going to please some of the people some of the time, but not all the people , all of the time.

As a man, all my working life, I have had numerous jobs, and the main ones have always been where I have been outnumbered by women. (not that I am complaining of course) A microbiologist working in a team with six women, owning two hair and beauty salons, where all my staff were exclusively women, as a model, again, always worked with women, and finally as the CEO and developer of my own fitness brand, called KETTFusion, where I was presenting masterclasses to mainly women ranging from twenty in a class to over eighty in a class.

The thing here is, and it's a good thing, is that I have, over the years come to understand and appreciate a women, particularly from an intellectual perspective.

Face up to it Guy's, women are far better than men in many ways. What they may lack in brute dumb strength, they more than make up for with guile, deception, bitchiness and subtle back stabbing.

A woman is wired up differently. Their brains are a very complex connection of minute interlinking thought processes and memories.

Men, on the other hand, have a vast space in their heads, but in the middle of this vast space is a box. And this is where men go when they are challenged by the intellectual reasoning of a woman, and need somewhere to hide. I call this box, the 'caveman' box. When men enter, they immediately revert to the caveman syndrome, you know, speak in a dumb manner, have a club in their hand, wear a fur-skin jockstrap, and dribble out of the side of their mouth, while their resident bluebottles buzz around the top of their heads.

This is why when the woman says, " Why don't we arrange to look at that new house, then see a mortgage advisor, and work out the best way of getting a loan, so we can start payments and move in".The man looks at her, dumbfounded, says "NO" and immediately hides in his 'cave man' box in his brain.

Face up to it, we men can't cope with that sort of intellectual complexity, might as well be complex quadratic equations we are trying to solve..

Ok , the man right away says "NO', but then after being in his 'cave man' box with his flies and his club, his mind slowly turns over and he thinks, "Hey! That's a great idea she came up with". But we men can't admit it. Right?

That is only one little aspect of the difference between the sexes, the other is interpreting a woman's response to a statement or question from a man. eg The man says" Hey darling, I thought I would just pop down to the pub for a drink with my friends" ( he thinks he is on a winner here, and he thinks the last bit of his statement will clinch it for him) And I promise I won't be long" He can see the tape at the end of the racetrack. He is almost doing a mental jump for joy, he is almost on his make believe podium, holding his make believe gold medal in his very believable 'caveman' box. He thinks he is there, in 7th heaven, because his wife/girlfriend/best friends wife says, " Sure Honey, have a lovely time with your friends, don't rush back, you deserve it'

Poor Guy! If only he had read the Acme Book on Interpreting Women's Answers, he would have spotted the sub-text that says, "You go through that door you bastard, there is no sex for a month, your dinner will be in the dog's stomach, and I am finally going to buy those expensive shoes I have had my eyes on for two weeks ".

Ok, ok. I jest, I'm over the top. A little?

Lets get serious here. I have my book. The Wand Chronicles. It's coming along very well. I have a beautiful very intelligent Elvish woman called Allana Yana-Ash, and a handsome young English general called Hugo Brough.

Shall I have a hero or a heroine?

Please don't tell me I can have both, that is a cop out in my books. I have to make a decision. What do you think? I will be posing lots of questions like this over the next few coming months. I am very interested in hearing what you do have to say. It will invariably help my book. Please let me know.

Thank you,

Take care, Live Long and Prosper


Michael Ross

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