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Best Ever Competition Prize !

Starting today, Monday the 14th of January until Monday the 28th of January. The greatest

Wand Chronicles memorabilia prize yet.

It is the Elfistra Magic Cushion. ( see image at bottom of blog)

With a couple of wipes of your hand, the surface of the cushion dramatically changes from that of a beautiful gold sequinned surface to reveal Elfistra the Sorceress in all her glory. (you will have to provide the cushion itself that goes inside)

(all answers can be found somewhere in the blogs)

So what do you have to do to get your hands on this one off gem?

Just answer these two very simple questions. Ready?

1. Who is Elfistr'a partner in crime? (clue - he is pretty deformed)

2. What is the name of the magical white unicorn-like horse found on Laniakeea?

If you have joined up with the 'Wand' family, then you are eligible to enter.

Remember the competition ends on the 28th of January.

So what else is new with The Wand Chronicles? Well, we are building up for publication day with the Book 1 paperback, (Elfistra the Sorceress) which will be the 19th of March. The Kindle e-Book is already available for pre-ordering.

But other very good news is that Book 2 - Kia the Empath, is coming along very nicely indeed. Prologue, Chapters 1, 2 and 3 already written, with some groundbreaking shocks along the way. We will be meeting up with unusual and in some cases, very frightening aliens, like the Krandokral, the Taggarand, Queen Cryan who lives in the Palace of Thorns, witnessing an alien ceremony called the Balsanoz ceremony, how someone manages to escape from a forest called Spiritwood and so on - and all this in the first three chapters!.

The adventures meander onwards and upwards, and some of the adventures are quite shocking!

Live long and prosper


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