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A cold chilly wind blows.........

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

A Laniakeean who is in exile. Wants to invade Laniakeea and rule it for his own.
Rand Raneth. Evil Dark Lord

The problem with Laniakeea, the Elvish dimension, that connects to our Earthan dimension via the Slice, is that in the North are a collection of portals, that open onto a

myriad of dimensions. Not only Elvish, but all sorts of species, from the simple to the most


The grand law of the cosmos dictates that if there is 'good' there has to exist 'evil'.

And boy, does Laniakeea get more than its fair share of the 'bad boys ' of the cosmos.

Let us pick on just one, and this species, which are a collection of a mixture of all

sorts of reprobates are called the Mandaxon.

The Mandaxon figure quite disturbingly in one of the chapters of the first book: Elfistra the Sorceress.

You see, its leader used to be Laniakeean, but with enhanced skin graphics and

other genetically mind and body altering chemicals, is not very pretty. To come across a

being that doesn't have one once of compassion can be very frightening.

Even more sinister, is the fact that if confronted by this leader, he believes in what

can best be described as 'pre-torture'. This is how it works. If you are held prisoner in front of

him, using his advanced telepathic abilities, can make you believe you are being tortured in

a multitude of ways. Take the Cralas, a creature the size of a cockroach, from the dimension known as Pandalason, which if it lands on you, finds its way into your body by whichever opening it comes across first. You can't prevent it, it's superfast.

Once inside, it starts to devour those organs that are particularly blood-rich, your

heart, your liver etc. It suddenly then bores its way to the surface of your body, pupates on

your skin, and metamorphosizes into a plant based organism that erupts and flings out deadly spores that can incapacitate anyone close by within a matter of a few seconds.

This leader's name is Rand Raneth. His followers are kept in a slightly drug-induced state all the time. They are completely covered in black cloth, that is wrapped around

themselves. All you see are the eyes, sometimes the tip of the nose. Even their bows and arrows are black. And so, the victim would normally pass out long before the actual physical torture would begin.

So, what is their purpose? To conquer. To use the inhabitants to do their bidding when attacking other species or dimensions. To rand Raneth, his followers lives mean nothing

to him. Laniakeea has been on his list for a number of millenia now, but he has so far been defeated. And why does he want Laniakeea so badly?

Because it is the home of the wand Elvina. Elvina is one of the most powerful wands

in all the dimensions and was one of the first created by the Sola Continuum ( The spiritual seat

of most of the dimensions) The Sola Continuum realised it had unusually strong magical powers, and they believed that if it fell into the wrong hands, unbelievable havoc would would be caused with millions and millions of unnecessary deaths.

And so, every so often, Rand Raneth and his followers try to infiltrate Laniakeea to steal Elvina, but has so far been unsuccessful. Hd will keep trying, using more and more forms of black magic. He is relentless in trying to achieve his goal. Queen Haruntha is very aware of this fact. But brewing away on the horizon, there could be an epic battle between Elfistra the Sorceress and Rand Raneth. It would have to be a fight to the death. We will have to wait and see.

Live Long and Prosper


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